The awards are judged by an esteemed panel of industry leaders and experts, the judging is a rigorous two-stage process including pre-scoring to determine shortlists and a judging meeting where entries are discussed and evaluated in detail to decide the winning entries.

From a transparency perspective, we may video aspects of the judging session to show on the evening and give entrants an insight into why a winning entry was chosen.

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Collette Easton | Founder | EQAI Ltd

20 years agency experience: early employed, co-founder and founder. I have started, grown and developed digital agency businesses both organically and operated within Venture Capital. Commercially experienced in pricing, revenue alignment & management; sales and marketing strategic development, forecasting, goals and objectives and crucially help drive people strategy to fit growth and development plans. The strength and performance within a business, is directly related to engaged, happy people who truly understand their purpose.

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Clare Kenny | Employee Wellbeing Coach

Clare Kenny specialises in helping organisations build healthy and productive workplace cultures. As an experienced employee wellbeing specialist, she works with businesses of all sizes, helping them develop and embed wellbeing strategies that lead to happier, healthier and more engaged employees. Clare’s passion for employee wellbeing stems from a background in people management spanning more than a decade. Before becoming an employee wellbeing specialist, she worked in a number of senior management roles, heading up teams within global organisations and priding herself on being a committed and caring manager and leader. In 2017, whilst heading up client operations for a global leadership consultancy, Clare became an AoEC qualified executive coach and from there made the move to wellbeing specialist - helping businesses put their people first so that they feel engaged and supported to do their best work. When she isn’t working, Clare is busy looking after her brood, which includes her young daughter and five pets.

Paul Mark | Co-Founder | Healthy R Communications

Paul Marks Paul has 18 years in talent strategy, culture creation and organisational health, working with businesses that invest in wellbeing of their people to build happy, healthy and purpose-led cultures. He is the Founder & CEO of Healthy Returns, working with founders and entrepreneurs to build their mental resilience, and the Co-Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer of Healthy R Communications, an internal communications agency working with ambitious companies to create workplaces that allow their employees to be comfortable bringing their true selves to work. A TEDx speaker talking about mental and emotional resilience, Paul is active in the mental health community, and is most likely to be found moderating, speaking and sharing his knowledge at conferences, workshops and on podcasts. Linked Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmarks/

Phil Rogerson | Culture and brand expert

Phil has worked with some of the world’s iconic brands helping to shape their future. He’s passionate about helping people and businesses to embrace change, develop a positive mindset, and create inclusive environments that enable individuals to thrive and flourish. A pioneer in the field of helping people to optimise their potential and bounce back stronger and more confidently from setbacks and adversity, he’s created wellbeing apps and development programmes that combine the most effective insights from the worlds of behavioural psychology, personal development, business analysis, and sports psychology. Phil recognises a rare opportunity that can be seized as we endure the pandemic: “Creating the right workplace culture has never been more important than it is now, as we increasingly work remotely and change our practices to cope with the evolving commercial landscape. There has never been a more meaningful opportunity to address workplace inequalities and align our values. To redesign our wellbeing programs and create new HR practices. Through the challenges we face now, we have a profound opportunity to redesign not just workplace culture, but define a new, vibrant culture overall.” www.calmersea.com www.resilience-masterclass.com www.calmerworkplace.com

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